Outdoor Team Building Activities For Adults

April 22, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"An outdoor team building event provides opportunities for employees to share another side of themselves."

Creating outdoor team building activities for adults is a project we’ve been working on since day one. With the power of technology, we’ve been able to create engaging opportunities for teams to get out of the office and connect in new ways. Discover how we connect teams and the outstanding results of delivering an effective outdoor team building activity. 

Team Connection

In our line of work, we hear a lot of different reasons for booking an outdoor team building event. Whether it's as an icebreaker ahead of a larger conference or just a means of boosting morale and getting fresh air, we find outdoor team building activities provide a unique opportunity for our clients to really get to know their employees. 

The one resounding thing all of our outdoor event bookings seem to have in common is human connection. Regardless of the reason for booking an event, managers and employees alike are simply seeking a better understanding of one another. When we understand the context of the people around us we’re able to see them wholly and hold empathy for each other, an essential element that helps teams thrive. 

An outdoor team building event provides opportunities for employees to share another side of themselves. It can be so easy to separate our mindsets into work and personal modes that we forget we’re surrounded by people who have interests and skills that extend beyond their roles. 

We see relationships deepen as teams work together, completing challenging tasks in their chosen location that are not only mentally stimulating but give participants the chance to display knowledge and skills that wouldn’t ordinarily be needed in a workplace setting. 

The team at Perlego reported that during their Spy School: In The Field activity in London some of their employees were able to “create an oscar worthy performance.” Seeing employees transform throughout an outdoor in-person team event is always reported as a success indicator. Put simply, we get to see people come out of their shells through outdoor team building activities.

How We Do It

Creating outdoor team building activities for adults that are engaging and fun is a skill that we’ve finessed over the years.  Using our app Mobile Adventures, activities such as The Ultimate and Space Survival provide GPS challenges that can adapt to a client’s location of choice. Our Virtual Event Hosts provide a real-time briefing for the activity and remain on standby as teams partake in challenges. 

Teams are allotted an amount of time to discover the GPS hotspots on their maps, complete interactive challenges and trivia, and then reunite to find out which team has won via an engaging final roundup from their Virtual Event Host. With the expertise of our staff, we are able to provide a seamless experience at an international level. One of our regular clients, JAMPP, provides a perfect example of our Multi-City function for outdoor in-person activities.

Over the years we’ve seen our offering shift and develop, but it always comes back to the core idea that started us off in 2004, treasure hunts that allowed people to set off on an adventure and engage with their team. Our commitment to the development of our tech and adapting to challenges has been a crucial part of the journey. 

The Results

The results of this commitment are evident, with clients such as Three reporting:

“A cracking and cost-effective team building activity that combined a slick app, with tried and tested tasks. Interactive leaderboard and geo-locating teams added a cutting edge element of fun – even tracking one team to the pub!!”

We are proud of the relationships we’ve built through repeat clients, previous projects and partnerships that have seen our team venture internationally. Our customers experience a sense of connection and unity through our activities, a key deliverable we aim to provide in all of our events. We believe attending to individual teams’ needs plays a huge part in providing maximum ROI to our customers.

Our Trustpilot reviews additionally speak levels to the attention to detail and care our Virtual Event Hosts provide for every booking. Through engaging performance and expert customer service, a unique experience is delivered, tailored toward each individual participant. This is something we profoundly value as a company, and it seems our customers see that value as we’re continuing to grow. 

An outdoor team building activity with Wildgoose is more than just a chance to stretch your legs. It’s a carefully designed and considered team building solution that focuses on creating relationships within your organization. Boosting morale through fun challenges and invigorating your team are just a couple of the key benefits of getting the team outside for an outdoor team building activity.

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