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August 30, 2019

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Paris Stevens

Seedling growing from a pot of money

"Why should you be considering adopting our services at your venue? "

We offer dynamic services to our clients, so it stands to reason that our business should be equally innovative. That’s why we've launched a brand new platform for hotels and venues to adopt so that they can offer our app-based team building games as an optional extra for their guests. By incorporating the Wildgoose team building technology in venue systems, hospitality companies will be able to take their offering to the next level, maximise their event capabilities and deliver more for the brands they work with. Instead of bringing in costly external companies, even small and medium-sized venues can now bring simple event solutions in house. So why should you be considering adopting our services at your venue?

Team Building

Many hotels and venues shy away from providing team building activities. There’s a wide range of reasons behind this, including the cost, the disruption to building or grounds and lack of expertise around running these events. For some hotels and historic venues, there are restrictions around what equipment can be brought in, and even something as small as nailing signs to a post can be problematic. Rules and regulations are hard to get around, so it’s easy to see why it’s tempting to stick with ‘what you know’ and avoid doing anything that rocks the boat. But tech-based activities won’t interfere with your processes or ruin the pristine gardens, because there’s no materials needed or build to factor in. Instead, venues can use their own grounds to their advantage, creating an exciting and dynamic activity at minimal cost.

Revenue Shares

Those who adopt the platform will gain a minimum of 30% commission from the sale of any team building activities, which can increase to up to 70% over time. It’s a great opportunity for venues to make some extra revenue, and impress delegates with a fun and quirky activity. Unlike bringing in an external team, the revenue will go directly back to your team, and you can avoid the complex and costly logistics of involving a third party. Using an app-based platform also drives down the cost of team building activities by 40-50%, meaning clients who adopt the service may have leftover budget. It means they can either save money on the overall event or spend it on other services at your venue, such as food and beverages, to create an even better experience for their guests.


Due to the low costs of adopting this into a standard package, venues could also consider offering free team building as part of the overall event, instead of an optional add-on. It’s likely to have a positive impact on conversion rates, as providing extra value for clients will keep them coming back. It also means they’re more likely to recommend your services elsewhere, particularly if you’ve introduced them to a new concept that’s beneficial to their business. With almost half (49%) of event planner searching for venues online, those positive reviews will come in handy for new bookings

The Full Package

A recent survey showed that more than 30% of planners looked for flexible, tech-enabled venues, to fulfil their needs. Adopting new solutions for team building gives venues the opportunity to become the one-stop-shop that clients are looking for, and provide everything they need in one place. Giving you the potential to take your venue to the next level, it allows venues and hotels to be innovative and dynamic without reinventing the wheel. For simple team build events, venues will be able to offer a fun, app-based activity that’s easy to implement, cost-effective and keeps customers happy. 

We’re currently offering free trials of the product. To try it out at your venue, click here.

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