Wildgoose hosts first global event for employees

May 17, 2022

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Chelsea Emerick

"It’s a fantastic result and we’re so excited about the next chapter for Wildgoose."

In March, Wildgoose hosted it's first ‘Global Get Together’ in London. Employees from across the UK, US and Europe gathered together for the two-day conference to look at the year ahead and celebrate the highest revenue growth in company history. The event saw the entire Wildgoose team, who work remotely, gather in-person for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Taking place at The Good Hotel, London, the team celebrated the successes and achievements of the business. The launch of 13 new products contributed to the execution of over 3,300 managed events in 2021. Wildgoose also hosted an incredible 104 events in just one day during December, a new record for the events company.

A freelancing team of 66 people have expanded the company’s capabilities of providing high-quality on-demand events, now in over 280 worldwide locations, making Wildgoose’s activities more accessible than ever.

Developments from Wildgoose’s tech department also made huge strides in improving the customer experience, boasting a record-breaking 350,000 global users of the company’s app, Mobile Adventures. With the addition of 12 new hires, 4 of which are in the US, teams presented measurable improvements that have helped the company move forward in providing flexible and engaging team building solutions.

Jonny Edser, Founder and Managing Director of Wildgoose said: “It’s a fantastic result and we’re so excited about the next chapter for Wildgoose. Our team is growing and we’re seeing huge opportunities in being able to deliver world-class team building events, on-demand globally. All our hard work is driving us forward to provide flexible events that engage our clients.”

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