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What do you get if you combine a bar crawl, a quiz and a team activity? Thirsty work? Yes, that and our Bar Explorer challenge of course! No matter what you’re drinking, this really is interactive fun and team engagement at it’s best. Cheers to that!

The city streets and bars are your playground in this unique team event. Using your smartphone as your guide, you’ll navigate around your chosen location via GPS hotspots where you’ll visit some of the local bars for a well-earned drink! As you unlock challenges and hotspots, you’ll come across a variety of creative tasks and trivia that will test your team, get them working together and having fun!

Time is of the essence so don’t forget to bring your competitive ‘spirit’! You must work together to answer questions and earn the most points in order to be crowned the Bar Explorer champions!

This in-person activity has been adapted so that the game can be played in line with social distancing guidelines. To find out exactly how we’ve made our activities safe to play, click here.

Who is the team activity for?

Teams who have previously completed our Urban Explorer activity, or groups seeking a fun, outdoor social in the city!

Duration: 120 minutes in total which includes a virtual briefing (15 mins), gameplay (90 mins) and wrap-up (15 mins)

Group Size: We can accommodate up to 250 people per session, with your group all playing against each other in smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants. For groups larger than 250 people, please speak to us for options as we do have solutions.

Why choose this activity?

Live scoreboard for competitive fun
Social distance ready
90 minute outdoor activity
Discover your chosen city in a unique way
Interactive puzzles and trivia
Remote facilitated event


Our in-person challenges can be run for small and large group sizes, whether your team is made up of 5 people or 5000, Bar Explorer is the perfect solution.


Bar Explorer

$15 pp plus $300 remote facilitation fee per 50 participants
How does it work?

Interactive GPS Hotspots

Using your smartphone and our Mobile Adventures app, you'll be presented with a map of your chosen location dotted with an array of interactive hotspots. In between your bar stops, you must navigate to the next hotspot in order for a new set of challenges to be released! You'll utilise Captain/Player mode which means all participants will see content on their own devices, adhering to social distancing rules & preferences.

Trivia, Photos, Videos and More!

As you explore the area (and the local bars!), you'll be put to the test with a variety of challenges. Whether it's general knowledge questions, movie trivia, filming videos or getting creative with photos, you and your team will be sure to have a blast! Each question you answer correctly will score you points - get as many as possible before time runs out. Don't forget to keep track of other teams on the live scoreboard!

How can Bar Explorer be played?

Manage The Activity Yourself

Tight Budget? Small department? Looking for a team activity that will make an impact? Our self-managed option may be the perfect solution! No frills, but all of the fun, this gameplay puts the power in your hands. You'll act as 'Event Facilitator' managing your activity from start to finish. You'll take on all aspects of your event from the briefing through to the wrap-up - giving you full flexibility on start and finish location, timings and attendees. All you need is your smartphone with the 'Mobile Adventures' app downloaded and an open mind to get started.

Let Us Do All Of The Hard Work For You!

Our remote-managed option takes all of the hassle out of managing your team activity. Before you get started, a member of our experienced events team will deliver a virtual briefing via video link to your meeting room, laptop or smartphone, setting the scene for your event and providing detailed instructions on how to play. They'll then remotely manage the game throughout and deliver an uplifting virtual wrap-up at the end of your activity, announcing the winning team as the finale. They'll be on hand to answer any questions and queries, so you can relax and enjoy the experience!

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