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Virtual Murder Mystery on the Slopes

Ski season has returned and you're ready to hit the slopes when your trip suddenly takes a deadly turn off-piste!

A murder investigation is underway and the killer is yet to be caught. With the clock ticking and the case on thin ice, you must swap your skis for a magnifying glass and uncover the truth...

You and your team are staying in a ski chalet deep in the woods when, out of nowhere, a raging avalanche hits. In the aftermath, you discover a body buried in the snow outside. Upon closer inspection, it soon becomes clear that the avalanche was a cunning cover-up for a cold-blooded murder! Who could have done such a thing and why?

There’s ‘snow’ time to lose! You and your team must work together to gather all the evidence and piece together what happened when the avalanche hit. Everyone is a suspect as you try and determine who the murderer is before it’s too late!

Who is this challenge for?

Groups seeking a fun yet challenging activity with a wintery theme, or teams who have previously cracked our Murder Mystery or Murder On The Train cases.

Duration: 90 minutes in total which includes the briefing (15 mins), gameplay (60 mins) and wrap-up (15 mins)

Group Size: We can accommodate up to 250 people per session, with your group all playing against each other in smaller teams of 4 - 6 participants. For groups larger than 250 people, please speak to us for options as we do have solutions.

Why choose this activity?

Winter-themed mystery
Interactive crime scene
Gathering evidence
Earn points against the clock
60 minutes to catch the killer!


Our remote challenges can be run for small and large group sizes, whether your team is made up of 5 people or 5000, The Murder On The Slopes challenge is the perfect solution.


Murder On The Slopes

$15pp plus $300 remote facilitation fee per 50 participants

How does a virtual murder mystery work?


Uncover evidence and witnesses

Our Event Manager will begin your investigation with a tense virtual briefing, detailing the reports about this chilling case so far. Using your own smartphone devices, you need to collect as much evidence as you can to understand exactly what happened when the avalanche hit. You must explore the chalet, uncovering evidence and identifying key witnesses as you go!

Interactive Crime Scene

It’s down to you and your team of detectives to find the cold-blooded killer still at large. You’ll be up against the clock to rule out suspects and gather intel using the interactive game screens and floor plan of the chalet. It’s vital you leave no frost-covered stone unturned in your search and work together to crack the clues and curve balls thrown at you throughout this case!

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