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Prepare for an Exciting Onboarding Journey: Crafting an Orientation Game for New Hires

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of gamification and guide you through the steps of creating an orientation game tailored specifically to your workplace.

The Importance of New Hire Orientation: Tips for Success and Making it Fun

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of new hire orientation, the difference between onboarding and orientation, tips for creating a successful orientation program, and ways to make it fun and exciting.


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team of healthcare professionals

Team Building in the Healthcare Sector

There are so many areas in the health sector, from medical professionals and carers to those working in finance or marketing. Take a look at these activities designed to help your team, whether in-person, virtual or both!

man working on laptop in a cafe

How to effectively transition employees to hybrid working 

Hybrid working is not just beneficial for your employees; it’s good for business. Find out how to effectively transition your team to hybrid working and ensure everyone is accommodated for.

team building activities for executives

Team Building Activities for Executives

We recognise that businesses all work in different ways so whether your people are back in the office, based at home or doing a bit of both, here we have some great team building activities for executives.

finance team doing team building activity

Team building activities for finance departments

Heads in spreadsheets, balancing budgets, poring over accounts...finance departments are busy, busy places. That’s why they need to have some fun every once in a while!

work friends laughing

The 2021 Post-Lockdown Friends & Happiness in the Workplace Survey

At Wildgoose, we wanted to find out the impact the last year has had on friendships with workmates and the knock-on effect on business morale, so we have conducted this survey.

Team-building activities for 50-100 people

At Wildgoose, we’ve seen successful team-building events with groups of all different sizes. Whether it’s an activity for 3 people or 5,000, the secret is planning. Here are some ideas on how you can organise an event for a large group.

Group of cartoon thoughtful people.

Fun team building icebreaker questions for work

Whether your team building event is taking place remotely or in the office, here are some of our best icebreaker questions to get you started.

man working on phone and laptop

The 2021 Working From Home Survey

As the UK continues to live under restrictions we wanted to find out whether employee attitudes towards working from home have shifted as lockdown has gone on.

Virtual team socials: How to do them properly

Work socials are just as important as they’ve ever been. Here’s how to make sure they’re a key fixture of your office calendar, even whilst the team is remote working.

The working from home employee survey

The 2020 Remote Working Employee Survey

With many of the biggest names in business believing that the traditional 9-5 is on it’s way out, we wanted to find out if and why companies should be putting flexible working at the heart of their business’.

What is the real secret to successful home working?

Taking the remote out of remote working. Why companies and colleagues need to stay connected in times of crisis.

How to measure ROI from a Team Event

Discover how you can analyse the ROI of your next team building event and determine its long-term effects on the brand.

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